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Translation and localization of web sites and software

I have been really interested in the web technologies since their begining and working in this sector for many years. I translate accuraltely your web sites and applications so that your users know how to use them at once.

Here, translating is not enougth: it is sometimes useful to also adapt some visual elements of the user interface. To this end, I can work directly into the code.

For graphic adaptations:

  • I develop a specific stylesheet that you will have to call from the pages to translate
  • I prepare the adapted images if necessary
  • The package I deliver is commented for your developpers

For web sites:

  • I translate directly in your content management system, whatever it is and we decide together on how to validate and publish the translation
  • if necessary, I work directly into the HTML or CSS code in order to adapt interface contents
  • if necessary, I collect your images containing text and I produce a French version of them

For software applications:

  • I translate directly into the resource files in text format
  • regarding texts that would be present in the source code and not included into resource files, I can either work directly in the PHP or ASP code or work on screen copies. I will comment so that your developers can include the translations into the code.

In any case:

  • Give me your text to translate under any format and I will give you the translation back under the same format. You can therefore include it the way you want.
  • You can send me the images and I give them back translated under the same format.