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Technologies used


Modern websites are updated via a content management system that allows their owner to maintain the contents everyday without technical skills. Those software are known as CMS.
Whith that tools, I develop the structure of your website, its visual appearance and you just have to feed your texts and illustrations into it.


I chose to mainly use SPIP system for several reasons:

  • SPIP is not only a CMS, it is also a whole development framework which allows me to set up the functionnalities very precisely and to create new ones easily
  • SPIP is an open source software developped and maintained by a large active community which allows anybody to take on my work after me
  • SPIP is a complete softaware based on newspapers publication systems.

HTML5 and CSS3 compliant with the W3C standards

The languages used to develop the visual appearance of a website are standardised so that the navigation is visualy similar whatever the browser used by the visitor; tHE World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) redacts those standards, proposes training sessions and tools to check the code. I always do my best to respect the standards because I deeply believe they are useful and in particular:

  • to guaranty an access to the web for deficient people
  • to lower the environmental impact of our use of the internet
  • to obtain a "responsive" design that can be pleasant to use on any device (computer, telephone, tablet, living room large screen.... or any other)