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Prefered domains

I worked for a long time in the agro-food industry sector, from the producers to the retaillers. Otherwise I’m interested in everything related to food production and cooking, thus I specialise in that domain.
I know your job well because mine has always been to understand professional documents in your domain :

  • veterinarians
  • testing laboratories
  • farmers and cattle producers
  • agro-industries
  • restaurants
  • feed manufacturers
  • veterinary drugs manufacturers

I was drown into computings when I was young and I also worked in that domain. Thus I am familiar with the processes of software developpement and documentation. I also specialised in that sector, I work with :

  • software developpers
  • website creators

Upon that, I am deeply concerned by environnement preservation, I like cycling and gardening very much, and I am raising 4 children. Thus I can translate in the following domains as well :

  • environnement and ecology
  • cycling
  • gardening
  • children equipment and toys

At last, I really love children books and would be really happy to start translating some.