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  • In brief

    Trained as a translator and with more than thirteen years working experience in a very specialized sector, I translate your technical or commercial documents in the agro-food and information systems domains.

  • Working languages

    Obviously I always translate into French, my mother tongue. I translate from English or Spanish, which I both speak fluently.
    I can proofread documents writen in French or in English to check the spelling and the syntax.

  • Prefered domains

    I worked for a long time in the agro-food industry sector, from the producers to the retaillers. Otherwise I’m interested in everything related to food production and cooking, thus I specialise in that domain.
    I know your job well because mine has always been to understand professional documents in your domain :

    • veterinarians
    • testing laboratories
    • farmers and cattle producers
    • agro-industries
    • restaurants
    • feed manufacturers
    • veterinary drugs manufacturers

    I was drown into computings when I was young and I also worked in that domain. Thus I am familiar with the processes of software developpement and documentation. I also specialised in that sector, I work with :

    • software developpers
    • website creators

    Upon that, I am deeply concerned by environnement preservation, I like cycling and gardening very much, and I am raising 4 children. Thus I can translate in the following domains as well :

    • environnement and ecology
    • cycling
    • gardening
    • children equipment and toys

    At last, I really love children books and would be really happy to start translating some.


  • Commercial documents

    I translate into French any document :

    • commercial leaflets, flyers and other document,
    • mail, emails,
    • invoices, quotations and any other commercial documents,
    • any internal document you may need to translate for foreign workers

    The documents can be under various formats, I will adapt to whatever you need.

  • Technical documents

    Although I specialize in the agro-food industry and in information technology, I can translate for you any kind of technical document :

    • user’s manuals,
    • technical documentation,
    • training documents,
    • lab reports,
    • specialized commercial documents,
    • consultants’ mission reports,
    • good practices guides,
    • questionnaires,
    • activity reports,
    • etc.

    The documents can be under various formats, I will adapt to whatever you need.

  • Translation and localization of web sites and software

    Here, translating is not enougth : it is sometimes useful to also adapt some visual elements of the user interface. To this end, I can work directly into the code.

    For graphic adaptations :

    • I develop a specific stylesheet that you will have to call from the pages to translate
    • I prepare the adapted images if necessary
    • The package I deliver is commented for your developpers

    For web sites :

    • I translate directly in your content management system, whatever it is and we decide together on how to validate and publish the translation
    • if necessary, I work directly into the HTML or CSS code in order to adapt interface contents
    • if necessary, I collect your images containing text and I produce a French version of them

    For software applications :

    • I translate directly into the resource files in text format
    • regarding texts that would be present in the source code and not included into resource files, I can either work directly in the PHP or ASP code or work on screen copies. I will comment so that your developers can include the translations into the code.

    In any case :

    • Give me your text to translate under any format and I will give you the translation back under the same format. You can therefore include it the way you want.
    • You can send me the images and I give them back translated under the same format.