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More about me

I studied to be a translator and I have always loved drawing and computing. In my personnal and professional life, I developped my competences in both domains. I travelled a little, read a lot in English, Spanish and obviously French and dedicated my free time to acquiring knowledge in web-design and web site management.
I worked for 13 years in a consultancy company specialised in the agro-food sector. At first, my job was mostly to translate documents from foreign clients and to proofread documents designed for foreign partners.
In 2004, I was offered the opportunity to use my web-design skills professionnaly ; at first for the company’s own website. After several training sessions, I was put in charge of the developpement of clients websites. I was also involved in various HTML integration and design jobs for the software they develop in the new information system branch of the company.
Now I want to offer that double competence to my own clients as well as the deep knowledge of the agro-food industry I developped during those 13 years.

Experience and training

Main references

  • Specialized websites

    • Translation of a web site about electronic data interchanges in the diagnosis laboratories sector :
    • Translation of the commercial web site for an antibiotic searching test :
    • Proofreading of the English version of a commercial web site :
  • Specific computing

    • Translation of many training and user support documents around quality management software used over more than ten countries by a food industry group.
    • Translation of the invoice draft for an invoicing software designed to testing laboratories.
  • General translation

    • Translation and proofreading of many commercial and technical papers and mails.
    • Translation and proofreading of several contracts, secrecy agreements and commercial offers.
    • Translation and proofreading of training slide shows and consultancy projects reports.
  • Private involvement

    • Involvement into the open source software translation project
    • Involvement in the linguistics ressources and translation services web site :
  • Technical documents

    • Translation of a scientific book : "Understand and prevent antibiotics residues risk in food of animal origin"
    • Translation of an article for the technical scientific revues : "Accreditation of veterinary inspection systems"
    • Interpreting within the framework of a project for the Slovenian Agriculture Ministry.
    • Translation of a questionnaire about the animal health management policies, used in about forty countries, including French speaking, English speaking and Spanish speaking countries.
    • Translation of many quality system documents for a food industry group.
  • Some contacts I would recommend

    Some of the translations agencies I’m in trade with :

    Some professional platforms I would recommend :